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Innovative Treatment


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Embryoland Fertility Center, IVF in Athens

Dr Pitsos is an infertility specialist who is affiliated with Embryoland Fertility Center. If you want to visit Embryoland's site, please press here.

Embryoland is a leading fertility clinic, located in Athens - Greece. Our International Program becomes busier and busier due to the excellent service we offer to both local and international patients. It started with few Greek-Americans or Greek-Australian couples who came to Greece in order to get cheap IVF treatment. Then, they realized that besides cheap IVF treatment, they also got personalized and quality treatment and they achieved pregnancy, often after unsuccessful treatment overseas. With the word of mouth, we started having more and more international patients at Embryoland fertility center. So our patient population from almost 100% Greek couples became approximately 50% Greek couples and 50% International patients. We estimate that the international patients will outnumber the locals in the following years.  Although, we grow, we do not want to become a supersized fertility clinic because we believe that personalized treatment is what make us different and offers high pregnancy rate and this is how we became known.

Dr Pitsos is an obstetrician and gynecologist trained in the USA. He holds US medical License (State of Connecticut) and he is a member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine as well as the Greek Society for Assisted Reproduction. His training in the USA gave him the opportunity to meet and treat many women with different background and origin. This is why he can understand your special needs for treatment and the reason why women from all over the world are treated for infertility or have their procedure done by him.  
Women from abroad can arrange to have all types of fertility treatments and gynecological procedures done with high standard healthcare including

Why to choose us among others in Athens or worldwide?

  • We offer advanced fertility services in a ¨boutique style¨ fertility center.
  • We say “we care” and we mean it. That is why we offer personalized treatment tailored to your needs for the highest success rate.
  • We are known to focus on your needs and we do not see you as “another patient” in the waiting room.
  • We believe in innovation  and that is what make us different.
  • Cutting edge embryology lab.
  • We are committed to succeed even in the most difficult cases.

Here, you can enjoy high quality healthcare with very affordable prices. Our staff will be glad to assist you during your trip. We can help you arrange all the details of your trip. 

We are looking forward to taking care of you.

Miltiadis Pitsos MD PhD
Obstetrician - Gynecologist
Reproductive Medicine & Minimal Invasive Surgery 

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